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Model: Icebreaker Sale 276
FeaturesA lightweight, everyday men’s sweater featuring a relaxed fit and our cool-lite™ merino wool blend, the Nova Sweater Sweatshirt combines a classic look with breathable, ultra-soft performance...
$68.10 $150.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 303
FeaturesThe warm and breathable Merino Hoodie is perfect for life on the move - across town or time zones. In naturally odor-resistant merino, it includes zippered hand pockets for safely stowing small items...
$72.30 $192.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 288
FeaturesA timeless classic, the Merino Sweatshirt is made for relaxing, exploring and everything in between. The warm and breathable merino fibres stay fresh for longer and the touch of LYCRA® adds stretchy comfort...
$69.90 $168.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 327
FeaturesDesigned for everyday warmth with style, the Abbeyfield Half Button Sweater is felted for added softness and comfort...
$77.10 $240.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 321
FeaturesIdeal around town travels and urban adventures, the Barein Crewe Sweater has all the warmth and natural comfort you'll need...
$75.60 $225.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 226
FeaturesA classic, everyday sweatshirt, the Central Long Sleeve Sweatshirt features organic cotton fibers blended with merino wool for natural, breathable comfort...
$64.00 $130.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 329
FeaturesA stylish everyday knit sweater with a high-neck design for added warmth in cold conditions, the Hillock Funnel Neck Sweater embodies the natural benefits of 100% merino wool...
$78.10 $250.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 309
FeaturesA slim-fit mid layer that is ideal for technical mountain adventures like hiking and skiing, the Quantum III Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie helps regulate your body temperature...
$73.10 $200.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 279
FeaturesA stylish knit pullover designed for daily comfort, the Shearer Crewe Sweater in 100% merino wool is breathable, odor-resistant and incredibly soft...
$69.10 $160.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 280
FeaturesA stylish knit V-neck designed for daily comfort, the Shearer V Sweater in 100% merino wool is breathable, odor-resistant and incredibly soft...
$69.10 $160.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 296
FeaturesYour go-to hoodie for all-day comfort, the Shifter Long Sleeve Hoodie has a clean and modern design that provides easy-layering performance with casual style...
$71.10 $180.00
Model: Icebreaker Sale 297
FeaturesMade with 100% merino wool, the Waypoint Crewe Sweater is a breathable, comfortable and warm merino sweater designed for casual winter warmth...
$71.10 $180.00
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